What Is GDPR ? Your Guide

The UK?s departure from the EU brought a storm of controversy, as it mixed things up and
changed the rules and regulations which every country is bound by. However, one change
which was coming to the EU no matter what was the GDPR. Now, not everyone may know what
it is, or how it?ll affect them, so we?re going to be taking a look at it here.

So, What Is GDPR?

The GDPR is an acronym which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. This is
something which is going to be in force from the 25th of May 2018 and will be enforced for all
member states of the EU and beyond. It?s replacing the original act which was designed in
1998, which has obviously become outdated and requires an overhaul. The UK will also get a
new act which complies with the new rules but will obviously be something completely different
due to our departure from the EU.

But What Does It Mean?

Of course, knowing about the new laws is only half the battle. A lot of companies will be keen to
know exactly how these new regulations will affect them. One key change is that being in the
EU is no longer a mandatory requirement to be subject to the law. Regardless of where your
company is based, you will be required to comply with all of the rules laid down in this new law.
It goes a long way to protecting the data of customers and ensures that all businesses need to
up their security and make sure that everyone is protected and can shop or use a service with
confidence. As well as this, there has been a change to the way in which people can collect
consent. The consent form for storing data and information must be worded in a way that
everyone can understand, and explicit permission must be given. This means that companies
can no longer accept silence as a form of consent.

So, How Do We Prepare For This?

There?s no better time to start preparing. If you?re a company who needs to tighten up their
security, it?s essential that you start looking around for a better internet-based security to protect
your data from hackers and thieves. Intaprotect can help you with this, as we specialise in
finding any gaps in your systems and protecting you from the threats which plague modern

Overall, GDPR is something which is going to be coming into play very soon, and it will signal a
big change in the way that companies store data for customers and clients. Data protection is
something which should be a basic way for customers to feel safe about their information being
stored by a company, and it?s not something a lot of people consider. Making sure that you are
in keeping with the new policies and rules will ensure that your company continues to run
smoothly and avoids any mishaps when it comes to protecting sensitive information.


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