Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2017

2017 was a big year for the world. We made some remarkable progress with a lot of current
events, and technology progressed to even greater heights. However, there were also some
pretty devastating cyber-attacks which took the world by surprise. We?re going to be looking at
some of the biggest cyber-attacks that we saw in 2017.

April 2017 ? Wonga

In April of 2017 one of the biggest attacks of the year was launched at Wonga, who is a loan
company. The attack saw 250,000 sets of customer details taken. This included things like
names, addresses, details about loans and payment plans, and a lot of other important
information which should not have gotten into the wrong hands.

January 2017 ? Lloyds

One of the biggest banks in the UK was not immune to cyber-attacks, as the financial giants
found themselves under attack at the beginning of the year. The attackers attempted to block
access to millions of accounts, which would have put a lot of people in financial danger.
However, Lloyds did respond quickly and chased the hackers across the web to find the culprits.

January 2017 ? NHS

January was the month for cyber-attacks to take place, but this time the target was something
even more serious than a bank. The NHS was targeted in a move which surprised many but
proved that no one was immune to a cyber-attack. The attack interfered with the running of five
different hospitals, and ransomware in the year cancelled 30,000 appointments.

May 2017 ? Debenhams

This is something which wasn?t a good idea for anyone, and it didn?t end well for the reputation
of the store. The attack, which took place early in May, exposed the customer data of 26,000
people. But the worst part is that this attack didn?t come from an elite hacker. It came from an e-
commerce site. This drove home the glaring issues Debenhams had with their security, and it
didn?t look good for their image.

March 2017 ? Three

Mobile company Three were among those to be attacked in 2017 when the password of an
employee was stolen. Using this password, attackers gained access to the system and made off
with 200,000 sets of customer data. As it transpired, they just wanted new phones, but it was
still a worrying breach in security.

Overall, these are just some of the most prominent cyber-attacks which took place in 2017.
While some were done by professional hackers, others were not, but they all highlighted the
same thing. It is straightforward for people to get access to sensitive information. If you?re
worried about cyber-attacks, then Intaprotect can help you. Our system is designed to find all of
the weaker points in your security, and then help you to update your system so that you?re fully
protected and a much more secure company. It?s all about making sure that your customer can
register information with confidence, knowing that there?s a very slim risk of anyone getting
access to it that shouldn?t have it.


For more information on all your cyber security needs contact Intaprotect ? ? We?re a Cyber Security Company based in Burnley, Liverpool Road ??01282 338693

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